Le Makaï French


The magic of floating along the river

If you choose the cruise option the Captain and crew will take you on a magical journey through historic Paris or give you the choice of a completely different route along the Seine.

Example cruise :

Le Makaï will sail upstream to the Great Library and downstream around the Statue of Liberty (yes, the original is in Paris)* at the Pont de Grenelle before returning to her quay: a 26 km tour of Paris at a speed of 9 km per hour. The boat will pass below about 20 of the 37 bridges which cross the Seine: from the Debilly and Simone de Beauvoir footbridges by way of the Pont Alexandre III or the Pont Neuf.

Le Makaï Exemple de croisière

Le Makaï is 39 meters long and bears the name of a Pacific island which means “Toward the sea”
in Hawaiian.